Have you ever tasted that cold, acid- like tang of fear? It`s the distinct flavour of cold chills and nausea threatening to overwhelm us. No matter how strong we are, there is always something that can cause the heart to flutter and the pulse to weaken. Fear is as paralysis of the brain. It makes our thoughts become arthritic and our memory sluggish. Like an oversized growth, fear soon becomes impossible to camouflage. Telltale signs like trembling knees or quivering lips betray fear even in the most disciplined person. Fear is the nightmare of the stage; it haunts the hearts of the timid, as well as the intimidated.
To me, there is no fear like the fear of the innocent. This is the fear of a child who walks into the dark basement to find the light switch far from reach- every mop and bucket becomes a sinister, sleazy creature whose cold breath lurks upon the neck of life`s little apprentice. I can remember moments as a child when I thought my heart had turned into an African tom-tom that was being beaten by an insane musician whose determined beating would soon break through my chest like the bursting of flood engorged dam. Maturity has chased many of the ghost and goblins out of my youthful closet of fear. Nevertheless, there are still those occasional moments when reason gives way to the fanciful imagination of the fearful little girl in women, who peeks her head out of my now fully developed frame the way a turtle sticks his head out of its shell with caution and precision.
Luckily God understands this hidden, fearful part within each of us. He understands the child in us, and speaks to our blanket- clutching, thumbs-sucking, infantile need. In spite of our growth, income, education, or fame, there`s still childhood issues we have to work through. The lord looks beyond our facades and knows our innermost needs. No matter how spiritually mature we try to appear, there is still lingering evidence of a too quick temper or weakness in the face of temptation that only the father can see. It is He alone whom we must trust to see the very worst in us, yet still think the very best of us. It is the unfailing love which we accept with the faith of a child.