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God has loved us while we were still sinners. His love for us is demonstrated all through his book the bible It is shown to us on the book of Genesis when God made men the father of all things. He gave men from day one superiority amongst all things, neither did he want him to lack anything this is described¬† at the garden of Eden when he saw that Adam was lonely and he needed a companion the woman Eve. This alone demonstrates that he provides for our deepest needs, he gives us beyond what we think of. For this was not Adam had envisioned. It is written that God will give us things that no eye has seen and that no ear has heard abundance as most of us Pentecostal churches call it. This yet again demonstrating how much our Father from heaven loves us. He gave us his only son Jesus Christ to come and die for us to show how much he wants us to be his children. He is a forever loving father. He is Jehovah Ralpha the one who heals us (our healer) the one who takes our¬†sickness. It is even written that by his strikes we were healed. He sent his soon so that he could leave us with the Holy Spirit our helper, protector and comforter. We are forever beyond anything blessed to be his children. From the moment we are born already daddy from heaven is fighting a battle for us which is of life. He has given us a gift of life .In so many times we drown ourselves with sorrow looking at the things that we don’t have instead of just giving him praise of just giving us the gift to live life, for they are some who would have wanted to be here today .He provides everything. He is just the whole package which a person needs. He also has given men free will to choose what he wants. how liberal is this God ?he is so liberal to the extent that he allows you to sin and he forgives without punishing. Who does that? Only our father from heaven.